Sponsor an Orphan

1,500 USD per Year ($125 per month)
A Holistic Approach to a Humanitarian Crisis


Provide formal schooling, learning materials,
and extracurricular support for skill development.


Regular health check-ups, access to medical professionals,
and emergency support including Mental Health and Psychosocial Support

Basic Needs

Supply nutritious meals, Ensure safe, comfortable living
spaces with proper bedding and hygiene to the orphans and caregivers.

You will receive reports on the development of the orphaned child throughout your sponsorship term.

Mentor a Child

Guiding adults unite with young minds, fostering skills, confidence, and purpose. Meaningful connections spark transformative journeys, planting seeds of growth, and constructing bridges towards a promising tomorrow.

In-kind Donation

Support Gaza Orphans through in-kind contributions. Your donations provide comfort, sustenance, and hope. Each item is a tangible symbol of care, making a meaningful impact on the lives of these deserving children.

Ongoing Programs for
the children of Gaza

Why Taawon?

Over the last 14 years, Taawon has supported 3,961 orphans in Gaza.

Today, building on its commitment towards supporting the Orphans of Gaza, Taawon is launching The Taawon Fund for the Orphans of Gaza, to support orphans’ education, recreational activities, coverage of health services, including mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS), for both the orphan and their caregiver until the orphan turns 18, as well support for their basic needs.

Based on a study by the Palestinian Orphans Home in 2022, Gaza was home to 26 thousand orphans. It is expected that the number of orphans in Gaza as a result of this latest aggression will exceed anything we have seen before.

The vision of our orphans’ programs has always been to empower orphaned children to live a normal life and to pursue their aspirations and dreams for a better life and a better future. This is possible with our holistic model of providing educational, financial, and health support to the orphans based on their individual needs, in partnership with a network of civil society organizations who specialize in these areas. At Taawon, we have always believed that the future of orphans in Gaza is our collective responsibility.